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Creating Your Dream Kitchen Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Creating the perfect kitchen for your home can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re willing to do a bit of planning and rely on some outside help, you can get a plan for a kitchen remodel you’ll love. Learn which steps to follow when creating your dream kitchen, and skip over common problems homeowners face while getting the results you want sooner. 

A house floor plan

Think About Your Needs

While this advice sounds overly simplistic, the first step to creating your dream kitchen is to create a list of your wants and needs. Sit down with everyone in your home and discuss what you want from your kitchen. How will you use the space, what improvements could be made, and what do you want it to look like? Consider looking at model kitchens or browsing through photos on Pinterest to brainstorm ideas until you have a blueprint for your new kitchen. Only after you’ve gone through this time-consuming process should you consider working with a company and trying to achieve your perfect kitchen. This is only step one of designing your dream kitchen, but it’s one of the process’s most entertaining and essential parts. 

Plan the Color Scheme

While you likely spend some time choosing looks you like when brainstorming your kitchen, it’s worth spending additional time thinking about what colors you want to use in your kitchen. At B&F Cabinet Stone & Floor, we have a factory-direct showroom showcasing our different flooring, cabinet, countertop options, and themes designed to inspire you. We recommend buyers come to the showroom location to see the various options together, but we also have teams of designers who can help you create the look that most matches what you’re searching for. Work with our team, and you’ll get immediate access to a knowledgeable designer who can answer your questions and give you insight into what’s feasible for your kitchen upgrade.

Chopping boards on a wooden countertop with white cabinets

Hire a Designer

If you need help determining where everything should be located in your kitchen, or you need to know which materials will help you achieve your dream look, a designer can help you with all those things and more. When choosing a designer for your home, you have a few options available. You can hire a third-party designer and have them work with your materials company and contractor, but this means managing much of the in-between yourself. Instead, you could work with a designer affiliated with a materials supply company, precisely how we do things at B&F Cabinet Stone and Floor. We have designers on staff to help with all your kitchen remodeling needs, and they will provide you with free estimates, a floor plan, and a 3D render to help you finalize the changes you wish to make to your home. 

Decide How Much You Want to Change

Some people want a completely new kitchen, which is fine, but only some people need to do a complete replacement to get a kitchen they will love. Our designers understand how to help you do more with what you have already. You only need a new kitchen sink and countertops to refresh your space. The only issue in your kitchen is the cabinets and the flooring. Whatever it is about your kitchen that you don’t like, you can make essential improvements without scrapping every item in your kitchen. Working with a knowledgeable designer can help you design your dream kitchen so you know which changes are necessary and which you can skip over. Sometimes, planning a kitchen remodel is more about what not to do than what work needs to be done. Plan on as few changes as possible when making changes to your kitchen design, and only make the upgrades that will make your space better in an impactful way. 

Work with Your Layout

Whether you hire a designer or decide to remodel your kitchen yourself, you should utilize your kitchen’s current layout unless you have a strong reason for doing otherwise. Remember that moving water lines, electrical outlets, gas lines, and other fixtures add to the renovation cost. If you can preserve your current layout while still creating your dream kitchen, this is a tremendous cost-saving technique you should strongly consider. By working with a designer, you can determine how to make the most of your space or create a new layout that will keep your budget as reasonable as possible while giving you world-class results. Consider your kitchen’s current design when planning your remodeled space, and you may save yourself a considerable amount. 

Cooking meat in a pan

Get the Right Appliances

Whether you rely on your kitchen to entertain, prepare family meals, or something else, your appliances determine what you can do. That’s why part of designing your dream kitchen should be researching appliances. Start by covering your basic needs with a refrigerator, freezer, and oven that are large enough to meet your family’s needs. Once you’ve covered the necessities, it’s time to start dreaming. Think about your current kitchen and what you would improve about it. Do you want a pot filler? Would you love a larger oven or cooktop? You should have an island with burners or multiple wall ovens catering tocaterrtoitotherings. Whatever your. You dream that your appliances will help you meet them. Carefully research appliance brands to find options known for ability, then find mobility that gives you all the little extras you want for your dream kitchen.

Contact us today, and we’ll schedule you for an in-home appointment time with our designers to help you step toward creating your dream kitchen so you can stop dreaming and start enjoying your new space.  

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